Web Design Portfolio
Solution 2030 - I worked with Stan Boychuk on updating his Boychuk Consulting site, and then put together a design and custom WordPress theme for his Solution 2030 project. Stan is working towards developing and promoting new energy efficient building technologies and methods. I also designed the logo for this site.
Artisanal Gold Council - A Victoria-based NGO that works to help developing more healthy, sustainable gold mining practices around the world. I designed this site, and developed a completely custom WordPress theme. Special features include a blogger.com integrated blog feed, and some innovative customizating of WordPress default functionality.
Home Delivery Management - I've enjoyed working with HomeDel for several years, and I think we nailed it with this new website and logo. The team worked on a communications strategy, and put a ton of thought into what they wanted to say to potential partners. This is a custom WordPress site, and I also designed their logo.
Brown Box Organics - An organic grocery home delivery company in Idaho, I've worked with Brown Box for a few years, and this last year I was lucky enough to be asked to design and build a custom WordPress site for them. A lot of thought went into what the company wanted out of their site, and how to best interact with their customers.
Success Fitness - Sonja is a talented trainer and fitness counselor, and now she has a site to match ;) I've designed and built two "static" sites for Sonja over the years, and we've now moved to a custom template WordPress site. Aside from being very "image" and "impression" focused, the site also should work well for Sonja's on-line training needs, providing the ability to sell secure digital materials (documents and videos) to her clients.
Gareth Owen Flamenco Guitar - Gareth Owen is an outstanding flamenco guitarist in Victoria, renowned throughout Canada. I designed and built this completely custom WordPress site, including my own "Performances" plugin.
Hutton Condominium Services - A local Victoria BC condominium / strata management company; I designed both the logo and the website. Hutton came to me after a rather frustrating experience trying to put together a website and logo. I worked with one of the partners on figuring out what would meet their business needs, and then going through the process of logo and site design: a few design meetings, a few iterations of mock designs, and finally implementing what the client considers to be "an excellent and functioning website."
Alma de Espana - A new site for Alma de Espana, Victoria BC's premier Flamenco company and school. I built a Xaraya site for them a few years ago, and we made a decision to "modernize" by switching over to WordPress. I designed and built a completely custom WordPress template. The site's functionality focuses on "featured" pieces of content and highly dynamic home page that shows off whatever is "up and coming" in the Victoria Flamenco scene.